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I have come that they may have life and have it to the full. —John 10:10

Photograph of Sonshine Tots

Day/Time: Wednesday: 9:00-11:30 AM
Frequency: Every  Wednesday
Contact: Cathy Cooper, (561) 738-1917

"This Little Light of Mine", "He's Got the Whole World", and "Jesus Loves Me" are some of the classic bible songs your 1-3 year old might learn at Sonshine Tots Circle Time. Tots do things like create unique crafts, learn to play with others, and sing and dance their hearts out!  This is a great opportunity for parents to start building lasting friendships for themselves and their tots within the loving arms of Jesus.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Cathy.

2016 Schedule:

  • September. 7 God Made ME, 14 God Made the World, 21 God Blesses His People, 28 God Cares for Us.
  • October 5 God Gives US Our Home, 19 God Puts People Into Families, 26 " Fall Costume Party" Celebration
  • November. 2 People Thank and Praise God, 9 We Thank God for Our Food, 16 "Thanksgiving Feast" Celebraton,
  •                  30 God gives Us All Good Things.
  • December. 7 The Angels News is Shared, 14 God's Christmas Present, 21 "Jesus' Birthday Party" Celebration.

2017 Schedule:

  •   January. 11 Jesus Gives Us Water, Winter, Snow, 18 God Gives Us Fish, 25 Jesus Calms the Storm
  •   February 1 Jesus Blesses the Children, 8 Zaccheus, 15 "Valentines" Celebration, 22 Jesus Gives Us People to Help
  •   March 1 Jesus Feeds 5,000, 15 When Jesus Came to Visit, 22 We are God's Sheep, 29 Jesus Rides into Jerusalem 
  •   April 5  "Easter Egg Hunt" Celbration, 19 Jeus Is Alive, 26 A Lesson from Birds and Plants.
  •   May 3 Gods helps Us be Good Friends to Others, 10 "Mother's Day" Celebration, 17 Growing & Serving God,
  •           24 Growing and Serving God, 31 God Helps Us.
  •   June  7 God Helps Us Build Things, 14 "Father's Day" Celebration.   



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